Trail Riding / Enduro


Travel through the trails on 2 wheels! Enduro is a great way to see surreal and authentic Spain because it is a fast and easy way to get to all the sights in the area.

The trails take you through olive groves, around lakes, over mountains, and between old ruins. We have many different trails to accommodate all levels, but all tours are guaranteed to have stunning views of Andalucía. Along the tracks you can also view the Andalucía wildlife such as hares, birds of prey and the occasional wild boar.

Tour guides can take you to the Lake of Iznajar, on paths through oak and pine forests, stop for stunning views of the Antequera plains and Sierra Nevada. For those more advanced riders, we have some challenging courses. Enduro tours come with all safety gear such as body armor, helmets, gloves, trousers and boots.

For the Enduro experience, you must be over 21 and carry an unrestricted motorbike license.

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