4X4 Safari

4X4 Safari Tour

Our 4X4 Safari tours are the most comfortable option to see rural Spain. From the comforts of air conditioning, you will enjoy panoramic views, and be ideally located for bird watching. The tours keep off as many main roads as possible. Some of the tracks will include country lanes, but the majority of the ride will be on dirt tracks.

Typical tours will include the following locations:

  • Sierra Loja: A 360 degrees looking point featuring the Sierra Nevada and Sebetica Mountains.
  • Alhama de Granada: Ancient town filled with Moorish influenced and ruins. This town is famous for baths and spas.
  • National park of Sierra de Tejeda: Mountains, waterfalls, and rich wildlife are abundant in this Spanish national park. Erosion has exposed some ancient Dolomitic marble, adding dramatic grey and white hues to the landscape.
  • Zaarraya: Travel through the Spanish vegetable and fruit growing region.
  • Iznajar Lake: When the weather is warm, we can stop at the crystal clear lake for a quick dip.


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